Pouch Sealing Type :

  • Any side we have seal our pouch as we required.

Packing Products :

Powder Type Product, Mehandi, Spices etc.

Packing Range :

These machines available to pack as follows

  • 0.5gm. - 30gm.
  • 30gm. - 50gm.
  • 50gm. - 100gm.
  • 100gm. - 200gm.
(Depending upon the products & their characteristics)

Packing Materials :

Only Laminated Polyster Foil, L.D. (Not Seal)

Operational Speed :

  • Depending upon the Labour's / Worker's capacity.

Operational Attachments :

Teflon Belt to Seal, Belt on which Pouch is Run Forward, Temperature Controller (To supply the heat) etc.